Verbal and Physical Abuse of Practice Team

The Partners of Builth and Llanwrtyd Wells Medical Practice  consider the Health and Wellbeing of their team very seriously. 

Every day the Team receiving verbal abuse from the very people that they are trying to help. This abuse and aggression is getting worse and must stop today.

It is not acceptable for the practice team to be subjected to aggressive and abusive language when they are doing their job.

The words that patients use stay with our Practice Team long after they have finished their days work.

Some colleagues are hardened to it, some think its part of the job and others go home and consider whether they can face another day of rude and aggressive language.

The Partnership operates a zero tolerance on verbal and physical abuse.

The Practice team, without doubt, are the biggest asset to the success of your local GP surgery.

Future outburst from anyone either on the phone or face to face at our front reception will result in Police and Powys Health Board guidance about your continued registration at the Practice.

Remember the NHS will be able to help you with your needs as long as it is not clogged up with other people’s wants. There is an important difference

Thank you for listening