Order Repeat Medication


Please help make our instant appointment system more efficient:

Do not order repeat prescription items when consulting your doctor or nurse.

It takes up valuable time, detracting from active patient care.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a sufficient supply of repeat medications. This is especially true during weekends and bank holidays. Make sure you check your medicine supply regularly.

Requests for repeat prescriptions can be made in 5 ways:

– 1) In person at reception
– 2) Online using our new NHS Wales App from December 2023 (replacing MHOL)
– 3) Email us at [email protected]
– 4) Post
– 5) Chemist collection service

We do not take repeat prescription orders by telephone. The potential for errors is too great.


Requests for repeat prescriptions take three full working days to process provided they are received at the surgery before 4pm. After 4 pm counts as being received the following day.

A request received at 2pm on a Monday will be ready for collection on Thursday.

A request received at 5pm on a Monday will be ready for collection on Friday.

A request received at 2pm on a Thursday will be ready for collection the following Tuesday.

Please do not order supplies more than 10 days in advance (except holidays).

Medication requested must be on repeat. Other requests will be refused.

1) In Person at Reception

Orders can be taken in person at reception. Someone may order on your behalf.

Your original prescription has a green side (retained by the chemist) and a white side which details all medications available for you to request.

Retain the white side (right hand side) to use when making your next request.

Tick the medication you require on this white side and hand it to reception.

Alternatively a verbal or handwritten request may be made, stating clearly the names of medication required.

(2) Online

NHS Wales App

Register at your Practice (you will need photo ID) or using the following


Log in to your medical file and your
prescription list will be available for you to select from

Select required items and submit to the

If you wish to collect the script at our Llanwrtyd branch please mark this in the comments box at the end of the form

If the medication is not listed please put request in comment box. This will need to be approved by the GP and will take up to 5 working days

3) By Email

Send your request to [email protected]

Ensure the patient can be identified.

Send name and date of birth as a minimum.

Ensure that medication and quantities are stated clearly.

Ensure you state where you would like to collect your prescription from.

4) By Post

Ensure the patient can be identified.

Send name and date of birth as a minimum.

Ensure that medication and quantities are stated clearly.

Fax Builth Wells: 01982 553826

5) Chemist Collection Service

Some local chemists offer a prescription collection service.

Patients request their repeat medication from the chemist instead of the Surgery.

Telephone requests can be made at Llanwrtyd surgery and medication is collected direct from the chemist.

Patients need to register at the chemist for this service.

Boots, Builth Wells:
Tel: 01982 552509

Paul Davies, Llanwrtyd Pharmacy:
Tel: 01591 610308

Lakeside Pharmacy, Llandrindod Wells:
Tel: 01597 822174

Boots, Llandrindod Wells:
Tel: 01597 822 311


Three Chemists provide a collection service in our area:

Builth Wells Boots, 11 High Street. Tel: 01982 552209

Llanwrtyd Wells The Pharmacy, Health Centre, Ffos Road. Tel: 01591 610308

Llandrindod Wells Lakeside Pharmacy, Princess Avenue. Tel: 01597 822174

Other Local Cemists include:

Matthew Price Pharmacy, The Bulwark.
Tel: 01874 622 789

R M Jones, 7 High Town, Hay.
Tel: 01497 821459

Llandrindod Wells
Boots, Station Crescent.
Tel: 01597 822 311

L Rowland & Co., West Street.
Tel: 01597 810445

Primrose Pharmacy, Garth House, High Street, Talgarth.
Tel: 01874 712173


Take your medicine exactly as the doctor prescribed. Finish the course, unless the doctor tells you otherwise.

Read the label carefully, and make sure you understand the instructions on the package before you leave the chemist.

Do mention what medicines you are taking to the chemist if you buy any over the counter preparations.

Always tell the doctor, nurse or chemist if:

– You are allergic to any of the drugs, or have had a previous unpleasant reaction to them.

– You are taking any other drugs, including over the counter preparations bought from the chemist.

– You are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant soon.

– You are breast feeding.

– You are having dental treatment at the moment.

– You are on a special diet.

– You have been unable to take the full course of medicine the doctor prescribed to you.

Most people have no or few side effects from their medicine. However, if you feel that your medicine is causing you unusual effects contact your doctor.

If you should develop any of the following after taking a drug, you should contact your doctor or the hospital immediately:

– red itchy rash;
– swelling of the face;
– difficulty in breathing.

Do not take or save old medicines; throw them away!

Do not store medicines in your bathroom cabinet. Keep them in a dry cool place, OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

Do not share your medicines with other members of your family or friends.